China About To Send Dogecoin SOARING

china about to send dogecoin soaring
They banned crypto which was already banned.. It’s like wearing double mask but still get covid

China has slowly been cracking down more and more on cryptocurrency until all of a sudden this week, they decided to just completely and totally outright ban anything even associated with cryptocurrency. The fortunate news here, is that the market did not fall nearly as much as a lot of experts were predicting.

It may for some people saying we could see 20 percent to 30 percent if a ban like this was implemented. Instead, it fell somewhere between 5 percent and 10 percent, depending on what cryptocurrency you’re holding the most of.

How can China impact the market in a very big way anymore?

Some cryptos actually ended up falling even less than that. Here’s why we should be optimistic for the future after this has now happened because China keeps coming in over and over again and halting the market to some degree. Whenever there’s a lot of good news in a row for cryptocurrency, there’s going to be a China ban of some kind. But how can China impact the market in a very big way anymore? They just simply can’t.

We don’t have that power at this point because they’ve already exhausted all of the different methods they could possibly use to make the market crash. And the best they could possibly do today was around 5 percent to 10 percent. So what’s coming here is the Dogecoin spike, and this time instead of having China with the ability to stop it. They’re not going to do nearly as much a Bitcoin spike. A cryptocurrency spike.

What is trying to go and do? They’re going to go, sit on their hands and just wait and watch it. While the rest of the world has fun and enjoys the massive fruits of cryptocurrency, the benefits that it offers being a better system when it comes to the currency, all of that stuff is what we have to look forward to.



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