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Walmart Is Preparing To Enter The Metaverse – This is Good News For Dogecoin and Crypto Market

It appears that retailing giant Walmart is preparing to enter the Metaverse, an NFTs. According to their patent filings, the company is now planning to create its own NFTs collection. Furthermore, the filings reveal that Walmart intends to create and sell virtual goods such as electronics, toys, appliances, apparel, and home decoration. Walmart’s entry into […]

DOGECOIN: Walmart Announcement

Walmart now adding 200 ATMs for cryptocurrency nationwide. Cryptocurrency ATMs are now going to be nationwide in Wal-Mart stores. This is just the beginning stages of what Walmart’s decision to accept cryptocurrency could mean for the future. Long term like a bank account, it’s going to skyrocket in value. This could lead to a massive […]

Fake Walmart News Release!! We Got Manipulation Everywhere!

Crypto’s crashing. We got fake news. We got manipulation everywhere. Is this the end of Dogecoin? Are we going down? Should you get out of Dogecoin right now? Yesterday we saw this huge late news, fake news story that came out yesterday. And the Department of Justice are looking into it right now. We had […]


Forbes put this article out. “Ethereum Rival Solana And Dogecoin Are Suddenly Soaring, Walmart Is Shopping For A Bitcoin And Crypto Lead, And Biden’s CFTC Chair Pick.” This article is full of really good information. WalMart is looking for a crypto lead. So this is really important now with billionaires like Mark Cuban and Elon […]