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Robinhood Doge Wallets Will Change Dogecoin Forever!!

Today is what was going on with Dogecoin and how it is going to change the landscape of Dogecoin forever. Dogecoin price up 2 percent now holding above 25 cents, looking for a continuation of 5.47 percent in the last seven days, a $33 billion market cap and only $2 billion of volume in the […]

Elon Musk: “Buy Dogecoin With 0 FEES”

Elon Musk, who has grown to become one of the biggest backers of Dogecoin following his years of support, has continuously endorsed the meme based Bitcoin rival, which had attracted the anger of the Bitcoin community a couple of months ago during a live discussion with Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood. The idea to using […]


Robinhood COO, Christine Brown said something really interesting today. We know that the wallets are coming out next year, but still, this isn’t the only big development for Robinhood. She said in a recent interview that staking, lending and other decentralized finance tools are under consideration. If they like what they see, they might not […]

Elon Musk Dogecoin Tweet – DOGE For TESLA??

Dogecoin price had a great move today of 10 percent, sitting at 22 cents. Bitcoin back above 43 thousand. This coming after the news of Robinhood releasing the cryptocurrency wallets. Also coming after the AMC CEO is reporting looking into adding Dogecoin as a form of payment for AMC movie theaters. But what we’re seeing […]

Robinhood And Dogecoin Development

I’ve done a lot of understanding to try to really understand the relationship between Robinhood and Dogecoin community. Robinhood could play a key factor in the longevity and the mainstream adoption of Dogecoin and be a key contributor of Dogecoin’s success moving forward. If they handle this the right way, because we know that Dogecoin has […]


Dogecoin been around since 2013, but it rose to fame only a few months ago. The sudden growth was mostly owing to retail investors artificially inflating the price. Dogecoin price increases have also been fueled by celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. There’s no scarcity in Dogecoin. This means that buyers will need to […]

Robinhood Reports Second Quarter 2021 Result

Crypto currencies are now the new frontier of investments. But who would have thought that they would outperform the good old stocks? As per Robinhood’s new report, the company’s larger percentage of new customers place their first trading crypto rather than equities. Robinhood’s report Result Robinhood, an American financial services company, recently released its earnings […]

RobinHood Owns The Largest Dogecoin Address and Third Largest Wallet?? This is The Truth!!

The most bullish news for Dogecoin in weeks just came from Robinhood. It says that Robinhood owns the largest Dogecoin address and third largest wallet. It says that Robinhood’s BTC holdings are even greater than that of MicroStrategy. Now, there were speculations about this before as well. If you remember, people thought it’s Elon Musk […]

Some Positive Crypto News That Have Been Happening In the Market!!

Amazon‘s plan to accept crypto currencies has led to a price spike in the market. Jeff Bezos, of Amazon, says he is working on a plan to work on cryptocurrency payments. He also talks about some old coins like Dogecoin, like Cardano, like Ethereum. The technicals for Bitcoin right now are looking absolutely amazing. The […]

Dogecoin and Crypto Breaking News!!

We have some amazing catalysts that are going to be happening this week for crypto currencies. Paraguay is going to make Bitcoin their legal tender potentially. Bitcoin in El Salvador and a bunch of other countries are on the way to adopt Bitcoin as their legal tender, because most of the people in these countries. […]

Dogecoin Has Two Big Announcements That Came Out Within The Last Couple of Days

Dogecoin has two big announcements that came out within the last couple of days. The first is what is going on with the US government, congressman, congresswoman, who are actually buying Dogecoin. The second thing going on with Dogecoin right now is what’s going on with Robinhood. US Government buy Dogecoin US congressman came out, […]

Dogecoin in July: Elon Musk, TESLA and Robinhood

We certainly saw a little spike early this morning with an Elon Musk tweet. And I’ll show you that and we have news about Tesla earnings report. Also a little bit about what’s going on with Robin Hood. There’s some news that they’ve got a huge fine, another one and there’s other lawsuits pending. Tesla […]