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Dogecoin As Currency!! – What You need To Know

Dogecoin being used as currency to buy things. Now when we think of Dogecoin, a lot of us hodling it and expecting it to go to the Moon. But it’s great if the currency actually has a use case not just to HODL, that’s what’s become of Bitcoin. Dogecoin can be what Bitcoin was meant […]

What Is Happening with Bitcoin and Dogecoin??

Bitcoin and Dogecoin are still stuck in this massive accumulation zone. Bitcoin is still holding at  a 22.5 billion dollar valuation and the volume is pretty much stagnant. We’re not seeing any crazy volume with Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any of these altcoins This is happening throughout the market. We need to break back above 46K […]

Dogecoin Is Expected To Reach $1 In 2022

Dogecoin is going to hit the $1 mark at some point in 2022. And everyone is looking pretty bullish about Dogecoin because we know that we have a whole lot of huge developments lined up for it. Dogecoin has a lot of exciting things in store And all these projects are going to happen in […]

Elon Musk Dogecoin Christmas Tweet!

Dogecoin price is very stable. Back above that resistance level at 18 cents, turning that into sport, which is very bullish for continuation. We talked about a little bit of resistance getting above 20 cents and then the next level at 24 cents. Elon Musk Christmas tweet Tesla CEO Elon Musk, known for his support of […]

What To Expect From Dogecoin In 2022

What can we expect overall from Dogecoin in 2022? One of the biggest factors that we have here is what’s going on with the economy. We have a emergence of this new virus that we have inflation running wild. So there’s a lot of factors out there that can say. We can stay in a […]

Is 2021 The Year Of Dogecoin? – Dogecoin 2021 Year in Review

In December of 2020, Dogecoin was still under a penny. There was this little tweet from Elon Musk. One word DOGE. Who knew what that would become? On January 28th Dogecoin rose from a penny up to 2 cents, 3 cents, 5 cents all the way up to 8 cents. But it didn’t end there. […]

Bitcoin and Dogecoin Struggle With Federal Reserve Looming!

Dogecoin price down 13 percent after breaking to the upside. The bearish we saw Dogecoin break to the upside on Elon Musk‘s announcement. But now with the overall crypto market still in, that bears down Jay stay with all the fear and uncertainty. Could everything be wrong in history, not repeat itself? Yes, that is […]

Tesla Will Start Accepting Dogecoin For Some Merchandise

Elon Musk has just announced that Tesla will accept payment in Dogecoin for some merchandise. Tesla just announced and it’s official. Elon Musk is now officially allowing people to use Dogecoin to buy stuff for Tesla. Tesla will accept Dogecoin payments for some products Tesla will accept Dogecoin payments for some products and ‘See How […]

Elon Musk Big Plans For Dogecoin in 2022

Elon Musk has made multiple comments about 2022 being a big year for Dogecoin. That means he has multiple big plans. Some of them we already know about and multiple of the other plans we don’t even know about yet. Elon Musk is going to be continuing to leave some clues Spike Edge is still […]

Happy 8th Birthday Dogecoin!

Dogecoin celebrated its 8th birthday yesterday on December 6th and it was a big celebration, at least on Twitter. Billy Markus was having fun tweeting and a lot of people having a good time. Happy Birthday DOGE! The price also was going up throughout the day. It didn’t sour anybody’s mood. Prices retracted a little […]


After the mega crypto crash that happened last night with 24 hours of absolute pain around the entire market with growing impatience and growing fear in the market. What should we be looking for in a new short term with Dogecoin after seeing their massive break to the downside? There are good days and bad […]

What’s Going On With Binance and Dogecoin?

Dogecoin price on board is way up 9.2 percent, back above 21 cents. looking for a continuation and really getting a lot of momentum after tagging that level of support at 19 cents. Looking very bullish for continuation, sitting at $29 billion market cap and one point seven billion in volume. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is […]