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by Market Trends December 3, 2022 Dominating the cryptocurrency market or any marketplace requires a careful understanding of the market structure. In the crypto space, coins that demonstrate cordial relationships with their community have a high tendency to hit the market hallmark. Community building seems to be the backbone of many successful coins. Meme coins utilize this marketing tool to remain appealing to the world. The first meme coin, Dogecoin, successfully gained its way to the top by utilizing the power of an ecosystem. After a promotional tweet by Elon Musk, DOGE rose by about 26%, making it a must-owned coin.However, over time, Dogecoin was revealed to be of no real-world utility. Since it was created as a light-hearted coin, to bring fun into the crypto world. Nevertheless, Big Eyes Coin has been launched to restore the value of meme coins while aiming for a 100X return on investment. Big Eyes is a new meme cryptocurrency with an ever-increasing demand in the market. Big Eyes has made over $ 7 million in its pre-sale. Its proof that the coin is out for business. How Prominent Is Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?With its user-friendly interface, Big Eyes is designed to be compatible and flexible for everyone. In a bid to ensure peace of mind among users, the Big Eyes platform is built to power tax-free and payment-free transactions.Big Eyes is built on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by BIG, as its native currency to create wealth and support charity donations. As a decentralized finance ecosystem, BIG is passionate about the welfare of the community as well as the existence of fish in the ocean. Given this, 80% of its total supply has been dedicated to community growth while 5% is donated to save the ocean.Big Eyes has developed a smart blueprint for success. BIG coin desires to be among the top 10 NFTs. With the NFT club feature, holders of NFTs will gain access to VIP NFT events, and NFT content among others. In addition to this, holders as well as creators of NFTs will receive rewards. 5%of the NFT fees go to holders, while 4% is for the creators. More members will be inspired to develop and own these lucrative NFTs as a result.Bitcoin With Its Endless UtilityBitcoin has held the power seat of cryptocurrencies. The coin remains the world’s best coin in the cryptocurrency market. Due to the current bearish state of the general crypto market, Bitcoin has experienced a price decline. But analysis shows that BTC will certainly increase after the dip period.Being the first cryptocurrency, it introduced the concept of decentralizing finance (DeFi) which allows crypto users to practice peer-to-peer transactions. Bitcoin operates on the proof-of-work mechanism consensus, which permits the minting of BTC. Bitcoin is secured and protected with the SHA 256 algorithm to ensure a safe and transparent transaction. FLOW – The Smart NFT MarketplaceThe Flow (FLOW) blockchain is praised for having valuable NFTs and well-known NFT marketplaces. Many people believe it to be the best Ethereum blockchain substitute for implementing NFTs and NFT applications.Aside from being decentralized and user-friendly, Flow blockchain is also identified to be fast. It is designed to facilitate an enabling environment for the creation of games, apps, and other digital assets. The Flow platform is powered by FLOW, the in-house currency, needed to optimize the transaction process with the Flow community. The FLOW token is used for rewards, staking, and other transactional activities.Use code BIGPRIZE28 to claim bonus tokens.Use code BLACKFRIDAY50 for a discount. Available from Friday 25th November.Check out this video to find out more about this crypto.  Big Eyes Coin (BIG)Presale: This Article Do the sharing thingyAbout Author More info about author Market Trends Analytics Insight is an influential platform dedicated to insights, trends, and opinions from the world of data-driven technologies. It monitors developments, recognition, and achievements made by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics companies across the globe. More by Market Trends

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