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Serious question, who’s hodln past $1…show of hands ✋

I’ve been getting a ton of questions, Should I buy or sell Dogecoin, depending upon which side of the of the street you’re on. Dogecoin is trading at 68 cents. It actually is right now touching its all time high. If you are just trying to catch and ride this wave and make some short term money, there’s risk there. The video is for entertainment purposes only. This is not investment advice. Dogecoin price is worth about 60 cents now. It could spike to a dollar and then immediately have a sell off.

Dogecoin is evolving as a utility cryptocurrency that people actually use to do transactions

Doge is not going to go away. It’s going to be here for the long run. Don’t try to time this by related to the SNL appearance for Elon Musk. There will be additional run ups and spikes, and there will be ways to make money with Doge in the long term. But if you’re trying to buy it to time, there’s a lot of risk there. Dogecoin is evolving as a utility cryptocurrency that people actually use to do transactions.

Doge has that celebrity personality factor that’s out there creating free press, free information, free interest in it, which is bringing more and more buyers into into the fold. The Doge Army, the Doge owners that buy more and hold longer and are in this for the long haul. I consider myself to be a member of that group, and I want to turn those into long-term buyers and holders of Dogecoin, which dovetails into the community.

The Doge Father predicts Dogecoin could go past a dollar

Elon Musk says Dogecoin could hit a dollar plus on Saturday. He said If you’re looking for a short term gain, set your exit price and then boom, when you when it hits go. He says if you want to protect yourself, look at how much you invested initially. If it hits eighty cents, you’re going to sell. When it hits seventy five cents, it’s time to sell, he says, and then set an exit price for when it gets to a dollar. He predicts it could go past the dollar and settle there and be there.

Elon Musk said I firmly believe there’s going to be a pull back in the Doge market. He says if you’re looking to minimize risk, you should sell enough of your Doge to get back your initial investment. Take your emotion out of it, sell it at eighty five cents when it hits eighty five. In the long term, he says, he’s looking for a dip and he’s waiting for the dip. He’s not hating on Doge, don’t drop the comments, he just wants to paint a realistic picture for you guys.

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