Burrito chain Chipotle is giving away over $200K worth of crypto

In the spirit of the national avocado day, Mexican food chain Chipotle launched its new interactive game called “Buy the Dip,” which will give away more than $200,000 in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL) and Dogecoin (DOGE), in addition to promo codes to buy their guacamole, and queso blanco dips for one cent.

The promotion launched on July 25 and will last until the end of July, and the game is accessible online from 10 am to 6 pm every day through Sunday.

Rewards breakdown

The game uses a randomized reward mechanism, where users can get free crypto or a promo code for the dips after clicking the “Buy the Dip” button.

From July 25 to July 30, Chipotle will distribute $2,000 in BTC, $1,000 in ETH, $1,250 in SOL, $3,000 in AVAX and $3,000 in DOGE on a daily basis. Five participants will earn one-fifth of the total BTC, ETH, and SOL daily, while 20 fans will share the daily AVAX and DOGE rewards.

On the last day of the game,  July 31, Chipotle will prioritize crypto rewards and allow more than 500 players to win crypto. In one day, the game will give away $35,000 in BTC, $5,000 in ETH, $12,500 in SOL, $11,250 in AVAX and $11,250 in DOGE.

BTC rewards will be distributed among six winners, giving $5,000 to five and $10,000 to one. ETH rewards will be equally distributed among five winners, SOL will be divided by 25, and AVAX and DOGE will be evenly split amongst 75 players each.

Chipotle and crypto

Chipotle announced its accepting crypto payments in June 2022. The restaurant chain accepts payments via 98 different cryptocurrencies, but not directly.

Chipotle uses Flexa, a crypto exchange platform connected to the Gemini exchange. Customers who want to pay with crypto at Chipotle need to use the Flexa platform to generate a barcode, which works as a Chipotle gift card at the payment step. In the background, Flexa exchanges crypto for U.S. dollars and sends it to Chipotle’s account.

According to Restaurant Business, Chipotle’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt said:

“We want to build the next generation of Chipotle fandom by connecting with the Web3 community,”

The restaurant chain has over 3,000 branches in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, and Germany. Chipotle is listed among Fortune 500 companies and has more than 100,000 workers.

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