Bulls push Dogecoin price higher as community fights FUD and impersonators

  • Dogecoin Foundation’s Timothy Stebbing offered the community a new tool to fight the uncertainty in DOGE price using Dogepedia.
  • Dogecoin price attempts to break out of a multiyear downtrend, offering 4.5% gains overnight. 
  • Analysts believe Dogecoin price is at a crossroads, and a rally could follow on one specific condition. 

Timothy Stebbing introduced a new tool in the Dogecoin community’s arsenal to tackle Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about DOGE. The meme coin started recovering after the FOMC rate hike announcement and recouped its losses from the past two weeks. 

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Dogecoin Foundation announces Dogepedia 

Dogepedia, a comprehensive directory of all things Dogecoin, introduced by Timothy Stebbing, the product lead at Dogecoin Foundation. Dogepedia is complete with Dogecoin guides and FAQs. Unlike Wikipedia, the content is not user-generated; instead, it is maintained by the Dogecoin Foundation. 

The announcement reads: 

Dogepedia is the resource containing Documentation, Guides, FAQs and Resources related to Dogecoin. The place to be for all scribes trying to learn about Dogecoin and crypto. Such knowledge! Much wow!

Dogepedia will help users identify Dogecoin impersonators and fight the ecosystem’s FUD. Each section contains links and details on each topic. Interestingly, the FAQ and FUD section address criticism on multiple levels and address the narrative that “Dogecoin is a joke.”

The section reads:

Despite Dogecoin’s genesis as a joke, though, more and more people are beginning to realize Dogecoin’s utilitarian value as a legitimate, efficient, and functional currency.

Impersonators line up against Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency meme coins and metaverse tokens that mimic Dogecoin have witnessed a spike in adoption. Dogecoin’s rising utility and popularity have resulted in capital rotation in impersonators and competitors within the crypto ecosystem. 

SDOG, renDOGE, The Doge NFT, ShibaDoge, Doge Elon and Doge Token are a few impersonators that have witnessed a spike alongside the rally in DOGE. The Dogecoin community is now equipped to tackle impersonators through FAQs and detailed information contained within guides on Dogepedia.

Analysts predict rally in Dogecoin

Analysts at FXStreet believe Dogecoin price is at a make-or-break point, and the meme coin is ready to break out of its multi-year trendline. Dogecoin price posted double-digit gains over the past two weeks, and is ready for a recovery. 

For price targets and more information, check this video:


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