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The cryptocurrency market fell for most of 2022. All major cryptocurrencies experienced a sharp decline in value early this summer due to a market meltdown. However, some people have still managed to find a way to benefit handsomely from this sector of the coin market.
Meme coin traders must make investments in the best alternatives if they want to make reasonable profits. Dogecoin (DOGE), Toncoin (TON), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are the best possibilities for traders of meme coins. These cryptocurrencies have specific unique characteristics in particular.

Dogecoin: A Meme Coin Platform For The Future Blockchain Technology
In some inner circles, Dogecoin is regarded as the first meme coin. For a while, DOGE was ranked tenth in market capitalization. However, as of this writing, it is ranked eighth. A strong indicator that the market is recovering is moving up the market. Nobody could have foreseen the emergence of an entire industry sector after Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer’s introduction of Dogecoin in 2012.
Although Dogecoin has experienced tremendous success in the past, it is difficult to predict that it will maintain its position as the cryptocurrency industry changes.
However, Big Eyes Coin has chosen to do the reverse of this and separate from the crowd. At the same time, many meme coins choose to be dog-themed to have similarities with Dogecoin  and to be connected.
Toncoin: The Revolutionary Blockchain
With its PoS (proof-of-stake) system, the revolutionary blockchain network known as Toncoin  is effective, safe, and scalable. It started as a bitcoin payment service provider using Telegram, but TON and Telegram split apart over problems with payment transparency.
The Open Network, or TON, is the Toncoin utility token. It now supports transactions with reduced fees. Additionally, it has developed applications that let you use TON tokens to pay for services. It currently has a market cap of more than $1.5 billion and is valued at more than $1.
A blockchain project, Toncoin, aims to make transactions more current. The project was first started by the messaging service Telegram but was eventually purchased by the TON foundation.
Additionally, it uses the proof of stake mechanism, making it superior to proof of work initiatives in terms of effectiveness. Additionally, TON enables users to build DApps and use third-party applications, giving them access to decentralized storage and several other blockchain services.
Big Eyes Coin: The Revolutionary Coin
A meme coin called Big Eyes Coin is entirely managed and run by its community. It functions as a DeFi token and is a meme coin with a cat motif. By being confirmed by Coin Sniper, the project claims to be rug pull-free and intends to win over the community’s trust by offering excellent benefits.
A trouble-free token supply on the network may be maintained and regulated with the help of these, which include an NFT club and an NFT selection with a liquidity pool.
Big Eyes Coin, a brand-new Ethereum-based meme coin, is climbing the cryptocurrency rankings quickly. Additionally, Big Eyes Coin has a fan base that is constantly expanding, and its members actively promote the project’s development and adoption. Big Eyes Coin has been sponsored by reputable charities worldwide, and they still support it. Even during its continuing presale, it has donated to four such charities.
How to buy a Big Eyes Coin?

To buy the coin, go to its website
Next, enter the number of tokens you plan to purchase and link your Metamask or Trust Wallet account on the presale website.
Finally, make the chosen payment and wait until the end of the presale to obtain your tokens.
Use the code Ocean261 to get bonus tokens.

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