Best News For Dogecoin!! New Deal Between SpaceX and NASA!

best news for dogecoin
1.4 million ppl can make a change

Hello and welcome to another video on Crypto Lion, anyone who’s been remotely viewing Twitter or following any news network understands that Elon Musk’s business, SpaceX just recently won a 2 point nine billion dollar contract from NASA in order to send out people to the moon. This is best news for Dogecoin.

Most of us here, NASA, and we know it’s a space company, but what do the acronyms mean? You do not need to pass the video to Google this. NASA merely indicates the National Aeronautics and Area Administration. They held a quite big conference to reveal the news. And NASA’s acting administrator said that we should achieve the next landing as soon as possible.

This is an extraordinary time to be associated with human exploration for all humanity. This is terrific news for the whole tech industry, but primarily for Cryptos. And wait, I think it’s the best news for Dogecoin, as the Tesla boss has actually touted that the digital currency is heading for the moon, parody or not. That’s besides the point for his fifty one point 5 million fans.

So clearly, you can see why this is pretty extraordinary news, not due to the fact that Musk will make a Dogecoin joke or something, however due to the fact that his support is a lot more helpful for futurists or individuals like you and me or thinking about tech, digital currencies and all the fun gadgets. So this is a major increase for Doge.

And I can think of a lot of brand-new financiers grappling to get the currency. As Musk start his futuristic journey with NASA, the potential customers of landing on the moon are not that away. Possibly surviving on the moon itself will take another years or two. But all this recommends that humanity in general is going towards a more digitised future.

If our vehicles drive themselves, then soon our cash will show what and who we want to trade with. That’s pretty much what’s occurring with Bitcoin and Dogecoin as well as the thousands of other cryptos. Also, remember that much more people hold those today than they performed in 2013 when it was first provided, Doge circulating products increased due to continued issuances by its developers.

And yet about one hundred and thirteen billion coins have been mined currently. Pretty incredible when you consider it. The coin is affordable and has produced interest to the point where more and more people are mining it. Obviously, we can’t forget the adorable puppies.

And a report from The Wall Street Journal which reports that an unknown entity presently holds roughly 28 percent of the Dogecoin in circulation, a holding that deserves two point one billion dollars. That might be pretty cool for them, however you might not hold that much Doge just yet, although some teenager who was equally an early investor turned his sixty dollars into two thousand.

That’s okay if you’re conserving up for college or seeking to get a new vehicle or deposit for a house. Look, interest rates are so low it’s challenging to leave your savings in an essay or a checking account that will be yielding low or perhaps unfavorable rates of interest. You don’t want to be in Germany where people pay to keep their money in their bank accounts.

So the Elon Musk agreement is big due to the fact that he’ll continue to tweet about Dogecoin. Well, we do not understand, however most likely the Tesla bus is quite the unorthodox CEO, a financier, and that probably explains why he’s equally among the wealthiest people on the planet right now.

There’s no way one can be conventional and succeed. Or you can if mom and dad handed over to you. So let’s not get carried away and cut to it. The factor this is a big win for Doge is simple. And I’m going to state this in about six lines.

Listen thoroughly. That way, you do not need to replay the video over and over again. However in case you decide to, well, don’t forget to subscribe. Elon Musk has literally not stopped tweeting about Doge for the longest time, he’s constantly tweeting about the cost or the reality that it’s the currency of individuals, the sort of individuals he might be placing on Mars.

They will be Dogecoin holders who doesn’t wish to leave everything behind, climate change, big government wars, et cetera, and escape to a utopia. Well, maybe calling Mars a utopia just yet is a bit of a stretch. But this is definitely visionary.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bit of hope in this covid world. Right. So his tweets are definitely going to cause the tops to rally or at the very least, they’ll bring about a new convert or two. We’ve shown a couple of his tweets so far for you to get a sense of why Doge is likely to benefit from this new contract with NASA.

Can we just say that Anna Winter would be proud? Isn’t this Vogue cover quite cute? And who doesn’t love a puppy and read this alone is enough for the world of tech to hear about Doge. Can you see how many read tweets? OK, fair enough. It’s from a Spanish website, but given Doge taking over the world, we thought we ‘d pay homage to Europe. If you’re from Spain, drop a in the comments.

I think we get the picture right. Elon Musk could basically become the mascot, but that’s not likely to happen. There are credible reasons why you may choose to rely on tweets and not physical displays of Doge love. That could be a word those love. So the many tweets that will come from Elon will definitely have an impact on how people perceive Doge.

Some will think his jokes make the parody even better because some people will buy into it. Exactly. For that reason, Elon Musk’s tweets will cause the Dogecoin price to go higher if you don’t believe me.

Click back to our past videos where we did some analysis on this and you’ll find that the price of Doge is not only correlated to Elon’s tweets, but whenever he posts a tweet related to the cryptocurrency, the price of Dogecoin tends to rise.

This is pretty amazing, guys. And here, this is a pretty phenomenal chart, according to this guy, far beyond doubt lender who used machine learning to forecast the price of Dogecoin after Elon’s tweets. According to his model, a tweet from Elon Musk causes the price of Doge to rise by twenty three or thirty two percent.

There are confidence intervals, which means there are times when this is true and times when it’s not. But let’s not get carried away. Elon Musk has influence and his tweets definitely have an impact on the markets.

Can anyone remember when he tweeted about Tesla going private? That was actually kind of funny because the price move was incredible and the SEC began investigating him anyway. We don’t know if he holds any Dogecoin yet, but I think he will definitely.

Finally, NASA news is good, and those will definitely rise above its current price, I’m thinking it will reach its next resistance level of 60 cents. So let’s take a deeper look at why this news is equally good for any financial market watchers.

The US Treasuries are low, so if you buy U.S. government debt, you earn less. This is the standard that everyone buys to ensure they have balanced portfolios. But government bond yields across most advanced countries are so low they’re even negative in Germany. Who wants to pay money to save some spare cash at the bank? Not me.

We don’t give investment advice, but a bit of diversity is always good. So look at the Dogecoin chart closely. The return on government bonds in Japan, Germany, France and the UK are all super low. While people are making two thousand bucks from investing in Doge, I call a pretty phenomenal interest.

Rates will remain very low for the foreseeable future. Central banks try to support the economy after a terrible year, courtesy of, you know, the whole pandemic thing. So there’s nothing new here, the returns on investment will be low for traditional assets, and the level of risk attached to government bonds is quite low.

So everyone wants them. Or for those of you who want to see why central banks and low yields are going to be staying with us for a while longer. Check out this economist. He’s written quite a bit about it on medium and elsewhere. His handle is at Henry Kohm. Besides low interest rates, people are looking for coins they can trust that are not too expensive and ones where they don’t have to risk all of their savings investing in it.

Well, the thing with monetary policy is that people are not enjoying what they used to from all their savings anymore. Interest rates are so low and central banks have popped so much cash into the economy. What happens if there is hyperinflation all of a sudden? I don’t know if that will happen, but it’s definitely safe to invest in crypto currencies for now.

So, yeah, the SpaceX announcement is actually a big deal for Elon. And you have every reason to be excited for the Tesla boss. If you’re even thinking about getting into Doge, the currency has it all going for it. And I see no reason why anyone will want in on the fun. So it’s great that SpaceX actually has this massive deal with NASA.

Elon Musk will definitely be on the news for the longest time and Doge is going to have plenty of fun as it continues to rise in the coming sessions and months. It’s a pretty fun time to be invested in cryptos, but it’s even more fun to be invested in Doge. This is the deal for Musk. If he’s definitely going to the moon, then there’s some indication that Dogecoin is going with him.

Thanks for watching until the end of this video, if you made it this far. Please consider leaving a like on the video, maybe sharing it with your friends, subscribing and turning on post notifications.

What do you think about this new deal with NASA and SpaceX? Do you think it will affect the Dogecoin price? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the comments section below. Don’t forget to check out some of our previous videos as well. Good luck and happy investing.

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