As Dogecoin Price, Shiba Inu and Other Memecoins Crash, Here’s Why Tamadoge Will Pump 10x

Memecoins might have taken a hit in the latest market crash, but outlier Tamadoge is set to pump 10x following its official public launch this week.

The past few months might have been rough on memecoins, with DOGE down 91% and SHIB down 87% from their previous all-time high prices. However, one outlier is waiting in the wings, ready to pump 10x following its initial public exchange offering this week.

Tamadoge will be listed on a tier-1 exchange on September 27th, preparing the foundation for a mega 10x pump following the exchange listing. The P2E game that combines metaverse and augmented reality elements is set to be listed on OKX on September 27th at 11:00 UTC.

Tamadoge Set to Pump 10x After Tier-1 Listing Goes Live

The tier-1 listing announcement was made on September 23, 2022, sending the entire Tamadoge into a frenzy after being surprised with an initial exchange listing on a top-tier exchange that facilitates over $2 billion in daily trading volume.


The project managed to raise $19 million in its pre-sale, selling out its entire allotted supply well ahead of schedule. The token created a strong buzz in the memecoin sector as investors were finally blessed with a project that seeks to provide utility for its holders in the form of an exciting P2E ecosystem. As a result, investors were scrambling to participate in the pre-sale over nine separate tranches at various price levels.

Adding further to the excitement, TAMA will be further listed on the OKX DEX later in the day at 5 PM UTC for those that are geographically restricted from trading on OKX.

 Why Will TAMA Pump 10X?

Besides the top-tier exchange listing, Tamadoge is a memecoin that can actually provide utility to its holders. Dubbed the next Doge and Shiba Inu, Tamadoge is a fun game that allows users to breed, train, and battle Tamadoge NFT pets to earn Dogepoints and climb to the top of the leaderboard each month. The players at the top of the leaderboard at the end of the month can claim their winnings from the monthly Dogepool.

Following the successful exchange listing, Tamadoge will start to prepare the rollout of its highly detailed roadmap, which outlines the next stages of the project. For example, the team has created an innovative use for its Tamadoge Pet NFTs. Each NFT has an animated 3D model associated with it, allowing the NFTs to be integrated into established partnered metaverses. The roadmap states that they will also eventually launch their own metaverse.

In addition, Tamadoge also plans to launch an Augmented Reality app in Q4 2023, allowing users to bring their Tamadoge Pets into the real world. This unique feature will sweep across the entire crypto industry, similar to how Pokemon Go took over the world in 2016.

Lastly, Tamadoge will also release its own P2E arcade to introduce further play-to-earn methods for its players to earn further while participating in the ecosystem.

OKX Listing Marks the Beginning of a New Journey

The OKX listing will begin a new journey for the entire memecoin industry as it steps into a realm of utility – something that competitors such as DOGE and SHIB have immensely struggled with to deliver.

The great thing about Tamadoge is that SolidProof has fully audited the smart contract, and the team has been KYC’d by CoinSniper.

If you took part in the presale, you will finally be able to claim your TAMA tokens through the website portal at 8 AM BST before the official listing.


Image by kazzzsat from Pixabay

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