AMC CEO Is Considering To Adding Dogecoin Payments

Let’s go fam! You know what to do!

When AMC said that they were going to announce to accept Bitcoin, like when all these different cryptocurrencies, many people think they’re probably going to accept Dogecoin soon. But they were actually building up the hype. They’re building up the suspense.

AMC should explore to accepting Doge Via Twitter Poll

They wanted to release Dogecoin, probably more so than any other current cryptocurrencies that they’re now going to be accepting or accepting.

The CEO of AMC, Adam Aron recently tweets,

I sincerely want to hear your opinion, via this Twitter Poll. By year-end 2021, AMC will take Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash for online payments. I hear from many on my Twitter feed we should accept Dogecoin too. Do you think AMC should explore accepting Dogecoin?
This could have been a hype play to get people excited with it because he knows that the hype that Dogecoin brings Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, even Ethereum, even Bitcoin does not have the hype that Dogecoin has, they does not have the community that Dogecoin has and most likely never will.
It’s about the time, trying to build suspense and so forth. And that their overall sentiment when they did accept these cryptocurrencies, they did have in mind that they did want to accept Dogecoin. But that they want to probably release that they’re going to be accepting it soon. He’s kind of doing the same thing what Elon Musk did when he talked about should Tesla accept Dogecoin for payments. Elon came out and announce something.

A key psychological level for all of cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin and cryptocurrencies began to go lower and lower. Bitcoin is what is holding up the entire crypto market, so that’s why we’re putting a special emphasis right now on Bitcoin. And now Bitcoin are sitting at this $40000 level, about $41000 dollars, which was a previous level of resistance. So this same area here is a key psychological level for all of cryptocurrencies.

Worst case scenario, we could go all the way down. Here and then balance and then continue our bull run. And remember, Dogecoin went from 15 cents to 72 cents and now 20 cents something. So if we ended up what triple bottoming on this level of support. It definitely would not be the end of the world. Most likely, we’re going to hold up stronger levels.
But remember, historically, September is always bearish and mostly always bearish for cryptocurrencies and almost always for the stock market. So we expect that this we kind of knew this was going to happen. Very likely October, November, December. These months are going to be extremely bullish as they most always are historically bullish and there’s historically bearish months which end up playing out.
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