Dogecoin Fixes This!! Amazon To Stop Accepting Visa Do To High Transaction Fees

Amazon to stop accepting visa in UK

This week we look at a breaking update with Amazon and what is going on between Amazon and Visa. And how Dogecoin can fix all of this and how we’re already seeing the partnership that’s in the works.

With Amazon expanding their cryptocurrency base by accepting cryptocurrency through the third party that is BitPay, that is accepting Dogecoin as a form of payments.

And also how we’re seeing that Dogecoin in cryptocurrency is the fix to the base of the big problem that is happening with Amazon right here. That cryptocurrency gives a viable seems of means of currency and how it continues to deliver the lowest transaction fees in the entire space.

Amazon to stop accepting visa credit cards in the U.K

There is already a partnership happening between Amazon and cryptocurrency in the works. So now we are seeing that Amazon is waking up and understanding that cryptocurrency is a viable means of solution. And if we continue to see this type of activity between Amazon and credit card companies that are out that are going to continue to deliver higher and higher fees.

They are going to look for means of cheaper fees and where the Dogecoin come in that it is the lowest transaction fees in the market. Amazon to stop accepting visa credit cards in the U.K. Amazon will stop accepting Visa Credit Card UK from January 19. The on the retail giant has told customer. It said the move was due to high credit card transaction fees and said Visa debit cards would still be accepted. Visa said it was very disappointed that Amazon is threatening to restrict consumer choice in the future.

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