Dogecoin is not going to zero! Amazon To Accept Dogecoin For Payments!

amazon to accept dogecoin
Doge is fine…

Dogecoin has seen a double bottom in the last one hour. If it doesn’t bounce up from here, it’s going to be going lower. There’s talk of Amazon allowing people to purchase anything on Amazon with Dogecoin. If Amazon does allow this, DogeCoin will probably go straight up.

It will be sixty eight cents and then above potentially to a dollar.
It is not over for dogecoin. It is not going to zero. Dogecoin is only going to go up”

Dogecoin has gone from five cents just in the last couple of weeks to nearly 50 cents. That’s ten times, guys. So be happy with some of your profits. There’s just been a lot of crazy news and that has been driving cryptocurrency down, including those going up.

Dogecoin is going to be going to one dollar soon, so don’t freak out, don’t get depressed, just hold on to your hands. The transactional volume is low, so that’s kind of bearish, but we have a lots of really good things that can bring dogecoin up in the relative short term, which could bring dogecoin to the moon in the short term. The price of Doge will continue to rise as the week goes on.

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