With Amazon’s Support, Dogecoin will be Twenty times its Current Price

amazon plans to use dogecoin
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I believe Amazon would be the best fit for Dogecoin. The only question I have is what would Amazon or a PayPal or a Wal-Mart.com do with the Dogecoin that they would be receiving? Would they hold it or would they dump it back into the market? Because that would just defeat the purpose.

Amazon plans to use Dogecoin

Amazon is growing as far as like the total amount of packages it’s able to deliver, I expect it to surpass FedEx within the next year or so. The money has to go somewhere when you have an inflation rate, has to keep building and it has the opportunity to charge interest and grow.

Amazon announced it will take on Dogecoin. The move would make it easier for Amazon customers to buy items only available to Prime members. The company would be able to offer a wide variety of items for Dogecoin holders.

Focus on the number of Dogecoin

The price of Dogecoin will rise, even before the move takes effect, says author. He says it’s more important to focus on the number of coins you have, not the price you get. The author believes Amazon would have to make a more thorough plan to take on the Dogecoin. The deal would likely include payout’s or awards for their employees. An endorsement by Amazon would put Doge in the five dollar range, making a lot of the early investors millionaires.

I think that with the wide variety of opportunity, the Amazon and avenues that Amazon would bring, plus the new money that would come rushing in, I think we’d actually overshoot the dollar. And I peg it like around five dollars, possibly even ten, like the high side just from like the hype and stuff.

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