Ad Of The Day : Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen Star In Commercial FTX (They Mention Dogecoin)

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TOM BRADY AND GISELE BUNDCHEN star in FTX crypto campaign

There were a lot of announcements about new Dogecoin partnerships today. It’s important for us to look at them during these tough times because they might just prove to be a big catalyst for DOGE this month.

A really short but significant mention of Dogecoin in the ad

The first one was the most surprising one. In an ad featuring NFL superstar Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bündchen have starred in a $20m campaign to endorse cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX,  chose to mention Dogecoin. The hilarious ad features the two celebs talking to friends, and then there’s a really short but significant mention of Dogecoin in it.

Publicity on that level is obviously really good for Dogecoin, and being the only coin referenced on a $20 million ad campaign is sure to get plenty of interest. It makes new traders think that Dogecoin is the real deal, and that’s why this could bring news holders into DOGE.

Dogecoin partnership with Stake

Then there was a partnership with Stake. We know that they have signed a $1 million deal with Watford FC to feature Dogecoin as part of the deal. All the players of this team will have to showcase the Dogecoin Shiba Inu logo on their Jersey. We already knew all of this, but finally, as the games have begun again, we got to see them actually sport their Jerseys with Dogecoin on it. And this match being a part of England’s top tier football league was watched by hundreds of thousands of people. Also, to mark this sponsorship deal, Stake announced it would do a giveaway of 10 million DOGE worth almost $2.5 million so far.

Another interesting update came out for Dogecoin today. Earlier today, Michi Lumin , the head dev of Dogecoin, shared this tweet, so it looks like Dogecoin tipping is gaining traction again to this. Dogecoin founder replied, Yes, it’s a pretty big deal. Also, it shows here that there were a massive 289 confirmations of DOGE tipping. I’m just glad that another feature of DOGE is becoming popular again, especially while we’re in a slump.

And in other news, from the crypto community, Bitcoin has found a strong advocate in Miami, Mayor Francis Suarez. The mayor has been vocal in turning his city into a center of innovation, and he believes the best way to do that is by adopting Bitcoin. His government is also the first one to host Satoshi’s white paper on their website, so we can safely say that Suarez truly believes in the promise of decentralized currency.


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