10 Reasons Why a Company Should Accept Dogecoin

10 reason why a company should accept dogecoin
The people’s currency

Elon Musk called Dogecoin the people’s currency, and we could see that as more and more companies are accepting Dogecoin. There are others that are just talking about it, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

So we’re going to go through all the reasons why Dogecoin makes a great use its currency and companies should adopt it.

Millions of consumers have Dogecoin and want to spend it

A lot of us are holding our Dogecoin. We’re talking billions of Dogecoin, what most of us want to spend it to use it because we know that once you start using the Dogecoin, it starts circulating. More and more increases the volume because more and more people will be buying Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is a crypto with the characteristics of a true currency

Even though Dogecoin was made as a meme and a joke, the way it’s set up in the way it’s structured actually works as a currency. It has an increasing supply, which is good overall for inflation.

Trust in digital wallets has grown

More people are understanding that cryptocurrency is hold in digital wallets and people use their phones. More people begin to accept cryptocurrency as a use as payment, especially Dogecoin.

It’s as easily it’s using like Apple Pay or Google, in that you just have to tap a QR code and the transaction is done through a wallet system as more and more companies and retailers take on their own wallets if they so choose.

Retailers accepting DOGE creates loyalty

There’s a big Dogecoin community out there that one can’t wait to spend their Dogecoin. We saw that already the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban accepting Dogecoin as payment for merch. Also Tesla merch accepting Dogecoin.

Brands that announce accepting DOGE create a network effect

As soon as a company announces that they’re accepting Dogecoin as payment. It’s all over Twitter. It’s all over Reddit. And then the news starts picking it up. So it’s in all sorts of news channels.

Creates competitive opportunities for brands and retailers

Competitive advantage can help you with your company, get more sales and see more profits. Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more accepted. But Dogecoin as a currency even greater.

Crypto consumers tend to spend more with higher average order value

Most people that buy into crypto are already using money that you’re willing to risk, especially when the price starts going up.

Payment experience is seamless, secure and intuitive

More cryptocurrency payments are just becoming much easier to do, particularly with the trust wallet. Becoming more and more accepted for people to use phones to make payments.

Less expensive to process a DOGE payment than a credit card

There’s no additional charge like a Visa or MasterCard. American Express is going to throw on there and you could use the third party app again, like BitPay or flexa. And they’re going to charge you a little bit, but you don’t have to do that as a company.

The only fee that there is the very minor transaction fee for the blockchain within Dogecoin. It could be like two cents, and that’s it. That’s not a lot. So there’s also would be no charge backs.

Retailers can offer customers a choice

There’s no downside to accepting Dogecoin and offering that choice, we can accept cash, we can accept credit cards or we can accept cryptocurrency payments. That broader choice brings in more potential buyers.

That’s what you want as a company, right? You don’t want to exclude a certain group of people from being able to buy your goods or services. So why not accept that? Yeah, it can include Bitcoin and other coins as well. But the Dogecoin part is the part that’s really being modeled as a use of currency.



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