Dogecoin news and price predictions

$ 0.247226 4.47%
$ 62,231.00 1.88%
$ 2.13 0.19%
$ 25.82 1.98%
$ 41.03 1.29%
$ 25.94 0.54%
$ 0.117612 1.52%
$ 299.91 1.89%
$ 0.093892 1.14%

From Making Memes to Making Money.

This Why Dogecoin Ready To Explode says Dogecoin correction looks complete, shows signs of long term upward movement. Of course, it’s not that easy. It’s not that simple. We don’t just go to a website with positive news and see that said, it’s 100 percent guaranteed. But let’s see it. Dogecoin is finally showing signs of potential bullish reversal. So […]

BIG Dogecoin Explosion In The Next 3 Days!

Dogecoin price analysis indicates bearish momentum will follow after a break below the 23 cent support was seen overnight. Therefore, we expect those USD to continue lower and test the  21.5 cents next support as we go on. It may make a quick recovery subsequently, but that depends on the general outlook of the entire […]

The “Dogefather”: Dogecoin To Mars!!

Elon Musk the “Dogefather” was talking on Twitter just the other day and how he continues to show up and show off for the entire Dogecoin community without anybody really understanding exactly how he is validating Dogecoin as not only a currency. But as something that he believes in truly and wholeheartedly, and how it’s […]

Dogecoin Is Pumping Again : To The MOON

Dogecoin is making a push to the Moon once again. The cryptocurrency is up more than 11 percent in mid-morning trading and has surged as much as 20 percent in the past 24 hours. While Dogecoin was trading at its high prices earlier this year it reached a market cap of almost 85 billion dollars. […]

Dogecoin Is On The Move!!

Billy Markus, one of the co-creators of DOGE, had tweeted that those who maintain the network security in exchange for newly minted coins and do not update their software are Satan. Elon Musk response was simply 100 for other comparable tweets by Markus. Musk reacted with a thumbs up emoji and a laughing emoji. Soon […]

While Shiba Inu Jumps Up, DOGE can STAY!

Dogecoin price is down 1.3 percent in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is number 10, with a live market cap of $ 32 billion 226 million United States dollars. Dogecoin inspired meme-coin Shiba Inu made headlines this week owing to its surprising rally. However, anytime an untimely rise occurs it can also make investing […]

Dogecoin Upgrade: Much Change, Much Wow!!

Billy Markus, a co-creator of Dogecoin has some ideas that he believes can help the token to become more widely used and attract more users to the ecosystem. He believes that Dogecoin will improve when a bridge between Ethereum and Dogecoin is completed. Dogecoin founder wants NFT platform OpenSea to accept Dogecoin The founder of […]


Earlier this week, we saw the headline that Elon Musk was moving the Tesla headquarters all the way from California to Texas that started making headlines all across the internet getting a ton of attention. But now we have another big Elon Musk story in the internet, and this one is even more tied directly […]

ELON MUSK : Dogecoin Hodlers Will Be Rich!!

In 2013, Dogecoin was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Dogecoin was a meme embedded in another meme popularly referred to as the doggy coin. Dogecoin backers like billionaires Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and even Slim Jim, who has gotten in on the action have been cheerleading the cryptocurrency via social media and a […]

Why Dogecoin Is The Chosen Currency

Dogecoin has solidified itself not only as a top crypto asset, not only as a top 10 crypto asset, but a real world currency. Dogecoin is not just a meme coin. It has real world use case. Dogecoin traded 2 percent lower at 24 or 25 cents over the last 24 hours, leading up early […]

AMC Just Accept Dogecoin – This is REAL!

Dogecoin going up more than any other crypto at the top, and it has gone more than any other group the top today. And not always that, just the beginning. We have some big news coming in. AMC CEO announced that they accept Dogecoin AMC, one of the largest companies in the world, now accepts […]

Mark Cuban All In On DOGECOIN!!

  Dogecoin price is sitting at 22 cents to 23 cents. Some nice volume coming into Dogecoin. Let’s get in to the news of the day what Mark Cuban just said about Dogecoin and what it is doing to the Dallas Mavericks as a whole organization continuing to show the use case, the utility and […]
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