Dogecoin news and price predictions

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From Making Memes to Making Money.

Dogecoin NFT Collection Is Here!

A fresh series of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have joined the crypto space. This new series is dedicated to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. The series, named Dogs of Elon-DoE, features 10,000 unique dog-inspired NFTs. From these, users have a lot of K-9 options to choose from. A website with information in the details of this […]

What Is Happening with Bitcoin and Dogecoin??

Bitcoin and Dogecoin are still stuck in this massive accumulation zone. Bitcoin is still holding at  a 22.5 billion dollar valuation and the volume is pretty much stagnant. We’re not seeing any crazy volume with Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any of these altcoins This is happening throughout the market. We need to break back above 46K […]

Dogecoin Is Expected To Reach $1 In 2022

Dogecoin is going to hit the $1 mark at some point in 2022. And everyone is looking pretty bullish about Dogecoin because we know that we have a whole lot of huge developments lined up for it. Dogecoin has a lot of exciting things in store And all these projects are going to happen in […]


There are some exciting news coming from Robinhood for Dogecoin. Robinhood has successfully completed its Alpha Wallets program for cryptos like Dogecoin and Bitcoin. And as per Robinhood CEO Christine Brown, they are now going to enter the Beta Wallets program. Robinhood is launching a beta version of its crypto wallet in mid-January And she […]
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